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Postie Bikes Ride Campaign

– Monday, May 15, 2017

The aim of BLAH Australia’s postie bike ride from Tasmania to Cape York, is to raise money for Whitelion – an organisation that supports youth at risk. BLAH is an abbreviation for "Bikers Lend A Hand" and work in a mentoring capacity for youths. Their group of 10 riders have been involved in various motorcycle and support groups for youth, and decided get out on the road themselves. Each participant and rider are self-funded for this trip, meaning that all proceeds go straight to Whitelion.

The idea of completing the journey on Postie bikes has a threefold meaning:

  1. using Postie Bikes makes it a difficult challenge considering these bikes were never made to cover vast distances;

  2. the trip and what the group encounter, will emulate the struggle of young persons who are recovering from personal burdens that Whitelion supports; and

  3. all riders are over 40 and most are carrying injuries, that would normally exclude them from taking part in an adventure like this. So if bike and rider complete this journey in a reasonable condition it will be a major achievement!

Stream Art Design are a proud supporter of BLAH and Whitelion. We've donated our graphic design time to create branding and various printed materials and merchandise. I don't think we've ever designed something in fluoro yellow before, however we wanted a flyer that the riders could hand out – just as the Australia Post 'posties' do, when they're delivering your mail.

Like to donate?

Go to and give as generously as you're able to. Every dollar raise goes directly to help Whitelion’s great work.


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