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Green Trends in Graphic Design

Anita Pava – Monday, August 10, 2015

Choosing more environmentally-friendly materials for your business, can make an impact to reduce the many environmental threats we endure upon our planet.

Many individuals and organisations have started to employ green principles into their daily lives, and little steps can gain momentum in time. ‘Green’ can be introduced into every aspect of life, including your graphic design requirements – whether it be ‘green trends menu cards’, ‘green trend brochures and printed collateral’, or ‘green trends stationery’.

At Stream Art Design, we have always embraced a green conscience and recently re-designed and printed our own stationery – we were feeling very grown up! We chose a beautiful paper by KW Doggett called Conqueror CX22 100% recycled. This paper has a super smooth feel and includes a tiny ‘fleck’ of the post-consumer waste – which is very subtle. When printing, the paper holds colour and design detail quite nicely (and feels divine to the touch).

We’re in love with it, and are feeling reassured we've choosen an environmentally-friendly solution to help our beautiful planet.

Governing organisations

Did you know there are environmental standards that suppliers of paper adhere to? We call these the FSC1 and PEFC2 systems, and they’re basically the same thing – both provide organisations with an accreditation for the responsible management of forests, worldwide.

We order paper from two major supply chains: KW Doggett, who boast over 85% of their papers now featuring the FSC seal of approval; and Spicers Paper who are registered with both FSC and PEFC accreditations.

Considering a green trend for your business?

We can help you examine how the paper you use for your business, checks out. Maybe there’s a comparable one (economically speaking), that would be more environmentally-friendly as well?

If you’d like to talk about green trends, and the many graphic design and printing solutions available for your business, please contact us for a chat about all things green.

1 FSC = Forest Stewardship Council®. Read more:
2 PEFC = Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification. Read more:

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