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From App to Xero

Anita Pava – Monday, May 16, 2016

From App to Xero – synchronising your workflow to generate invoices automatically inside Xero. 

Xero is a very popular piece of ‘cloud’ accounting software.

We’ve been working with our client, Cherry Hill Coolstores, to automate their daily duties with Xero. The system we’ve created is a custom-built App to manage their workflow.

Most of the staff are none the wiser – but when they perform a task, this automatically generates an invoice in their accounting software. It saves on paperwork and also double-handing, making their team more efficient, whilst creating accurate workflow records.

The system has helped build upon internal efficiencies and they’re thrilled. We were delighted to assist with the integration between an iPad App and Xero. And, as they grow and their needs change, we further develop their App to suit.

Please contact us if an App would help your business and workflow systems too.


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