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Connect Google Drive to your website

Anita Pava – Monday, August 08, 2016

Embed your Google Drive account, seamlessly into your website

Do you use Google Drive and have an intranet website where you share files with others on a regular basis? By synchronising the two, you can avoid the need to login to your website and instead have your website automatically reflect content that exists in your Google Drive account already.

We recently implement such a scenario for one of our clients in Dubai, who loves Google Drive and dislikes logging into WordPress.

Our client now has the ability to create folders, upload and edit files, and manage sharing privileges from within Google Drive – so they can share files and folders ONLY with clients and colleagues they choose. Simply by making changes to their Google Drive account.

Their clients login to an intranet site and see content that is intended for them only – thereby keeping all other Google Drive content confidential.

There are lots of variations and settings that can be tailored to suit your situation – including Gmail login credentials, or even letting your clients upload files directly to your Google Drive account.

If you'd like to know more, please contact us, or watch the 7-minute video for more a comprehensive overview of the possibilities with Google Drive:

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