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Who is Stream Art Design?

Stream Art Design was founded by Anita Pava, who has over 20-years experience in the graphic design and advertising industry. Stream Art Design has won numerous awards for graphic and website design.

We look after government, local, national and international clients, and are experienced in a wide range of graphic design and website design projects. We approach every project with consideration and focus on your business strategy and brand integrity.

Our goal is to provide you with an effective and strategic graphic design solution, no matter what medium you require.

Can I find out more about the Stream Art Design team?

You certainly can! Click here to read about our fabulous team members.

How do I contact Stream Art Design?

Click here to contact us.

Are other clients of Stream Art Design happy with the work?

You can read the testimonials from some of our government, Australian and international clients by clicking here.

Are we insured?

Yes. We are fully covered via Steadfast Taswide Insurance for professional indemnity insurance for up to AUD $1 million, and public liability insurance for up to $10 million.

Can you design other things for me, such as brochures?

Yes we can. We can deliver pretty much any type of printed material that you require – brochures, flyers, catalogues, look books, annual reports, stationery, posters, packaging, and more.

Click here to view some of our past projects.

Can you help me decide on a business name?

Yes we can. It's important to think of a name that gives potential customers a good idea of what it is that you do. Whether you use your own name, e.g. "John Smith Plumbing", or choose something catchy and creative like "Plunge Café".

Remember that it's important your customers can find you through your chosen advertising channels. For John's plumbing business – if he chose to omit the word "plumbing" and name it "John Smith Enterprises" for example, he could potentially miss out on a lot of business by people only searching the world "plumbing" in their local area.

Research and support

We start by researching your competition and checking that the business name chosen doesn't have a legal conflict with another business. IP Australia's "ATMOSS" is where you can register your business name and logo design, to protect it within the copyright laws of Australia and overseas.

Businesses are registered into different 'Class' categories – for example, if you are wishing to open a Café, you would search in amongst other businesses in the 'goods and services' industry.

You will also need to register your business name with your local State/Territory government – searching the Australian Government's ABN lookup website is a great place to start, to see if your business name is available.

If you are planning on becoming "Pty Ltd" and acquiring an Australian Company Number (ACN), you should speak to your accountant who can facilitate the process for you.

Another great resource is to speak to your local friendly Business Enterprise Centre – they offer excellent advice and it's provided FREE for small businesses. They can provide you with all the latest brochures, to ensure that you meet all your necessary legal obligations – everything from GST to recruitment.

What is a domain name?

A domain name is the website address that you choose for your business – e.g.  There are many suppliers that are authorised dealers of domain names, and we can organise this for you.

Why should I pay a designer to create a logo for me?

Presentation to your customers

The image you present to your potential customers is paramount in establishing yourself as a professional and knowledgeable entity.

Your logo is a great way starting point, in defining a personality for your business. You should consider very carefully the idea behind your logo – what would you like to say about your business? Is your business a fun or entertaining place? Do you provide relaxation services and beauty treatments? Or perhaps you are a hard working true blue Aussie trade service.

Discussing with us your unique positioning service (USP) that is relevant to your industry, Stream Art Design will follow a creative process and provide you with ideas and direction that will position your business appropriately.

Your logo is the starting point for many other tools that you may require for your business. Do you need business cards, letterheads, brochures/flyers, signage, uniforms, promotional banners, advertising, a website? These are all tools that will feature your logo and your brand image should look consistent between all of these materials, so that your customers will recognise you quickly.

Research your competition

We begin by researching what your competitors are doing already – and then we can discuss ideas on how to do it better.

Check out one of our recent blog posts by Gemina, which is a lovely description of how our logo design process works.
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