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Goldie Street Mural Wall

Waratah Wynyard Council

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  • Waratah Wynyard Council
  • Goldie Street Mural Wall
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As part of their strategy to beautify the township of Wynyard, the Waratah Wynyard Council commissioned Jen Evans and Jenny Archer (from Jen Evans Design and Consulting) to revitalise the Goldie Street Mural Wall in Wynyard.

Working closely with Jen and Jenny, our brief was to design a range of large prints incorporating beautiful modern day imagery, blended with historic photographs that showcased the region's transition over time. In total, we created 14 full-colour large format printed panels.

The reaction from Council, media and local residents have been hugely positive, the mural creating an impressive cascade of snapshots of life in the area throughout the decades.



Support, information and services

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  • Cradle Coast Authority
  • SignPost
  • North West Tasmania
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SignPost North West Tasmania is a practical and supportive resource for people with questions about their sexual orientation or gender identity and for LGBTI individuals, their families and friends.

Our brief was to apply our established corporate identity to bus backs, to advertise the SignPost website in a community-friendly and non-threatening manner.

Tarkine Drive interpretive signage

Creating the Tarkine visitor experience

Cradle Coast Authority is a joint authority created by the nine councils of North West Tasmania to facilitate the sustainable development of the region, resolve regional issues and coordinate regional-scale activity.

The authority’s Tourism Executive introduced a development strategy to promote and develop the Tarkine area, that is the area between the Arthur and Pieman Rivers, the Murchison Highway and the Southern Ocean, commencing with the development of visitor sites and experiences along the Tarkine Forest Drive.

Working closely with Jen Evans and Jenny Archer from Jen Evans Design and Consulting, our brief was to design a range of exterior signage for the Tarkine Drive, to advertise the location and to enhance visitor experience of this pristine area. The signs showcase local photographers by using full width photographic backgrounds. In total we created 37 signs including roadside and site specific interpretive signage.



Agfest 2015

TasTAFE have some widespread courses available in many industries, including primary industries. Agfest 2015 was the perfect environment to speak with those interested and with an Autumn-coloured theme it was a vibrant display of colour.

Our scope was to design the many brochures, pull up banner signage, stickers, press ads and more, to attract students and provide them with detailed information about the courses at TasTAFE. And with a good response over the three days at Agfest, our client was delighted with the result.

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